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Krishna Smitha

March 2021

  • I'm so excited and proud to be on the producing team for the Road Theatre's 12th Annual Summer Playwright's Festival. We feature new pieces by new and established playwrights from all over the world with some wonderful guest artists and directors. We are committed to gender and racial parity and telling really out of the box stories. Submissions will be accepted through March 15!

  • Check out this short silly sketch made by the Artists Playground- Hook, Line & Sinker. We'll be doing more ridiculousness these upcoming months! 

  • I will be showing up on the 'Morning Show' this upcoming season in a few episodes so get some Apple TV and catch this phenomenal show.

  • Got to work on this great web series 'Bloomywood' with the awesome actor-writer David Meyers. Filmed pre-covid!




"Serious art is born from serious play."  -Julia Cameron

Let's Play!


ABOUT Krishna

Krishna Smitha is an American-East Indian actor and producer, born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Dallas, TX, now based in Los Angeles, CA.

Krishna began her acting career in the Indian Telugu film industry, Tollywood (not to be mistaken for its more popular cousin, Bollywood), with the award-nominated film, 'Muhurtham.' Yes, she did dance, and no, she did not sing.

In the US, she has been busy on stage in regional theatres across the southwest including the Southwest regional premiere of 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' by Rajiv Joseph. She was in the touring youth production 'Residence Elsewhere' produced by the East West Players in Los Angeles, and a company member of the Road Theatre. Beyond stage, Krishna can be seen on television exchanging barbs with Kumail Nanjiani and generally being snarky on seasons 5 and 6 of 'Silicon Valley,' in indie films like 'Beautiful Day,' and 'First Person,' playing the festival circuits, and producing projects like 'iLove' with her buddies. 


"Smitha silently portrayed a woman whose kindness easily overshadowed her own affliction... she was mind opening."   

-Pegasus News (Bengal Tiger from the Baghdad Zoo)

"The strong cast proves eminently watchable... Krishna Smitha offers an appealingly strong, rather than childlike, take on the journey of a blind housewife..."

-Dallas Morning News (Wait Until Dark)

"Krishna Smitha isn't your usual honey-haired heroine from on high. She's disarmingly agreeable, actually. ...she inhabits our earthly plane with such good-humored ease we have no excuse not to root for her. Most importantly, Smitha is able to bring to bear the cleverness inherent in the script in a believable way..."

-Theatre Jones (Wait Until Dark)

"She made us laugh every time in the editing room." 

-Mike Judge (Silicon Valley)

"You don't look like you."

-Krishna's sister (About everything Krishna has ever acted in. Ever)

Fun Facts

Krishna was a Neuroscience major at Johns Hopkins University before throwing that all away to pursue a career in acting. Her parents are obviously very proud.

She has a fur-baby that can be found all over her social media pages. Maya the monster is simply too adorable not to be plastered all over the internet.

Krishna's dream role would be anything related to the world of 'Star Wars.' It's her favorite movie of all time. Also she would be immensely overjoyed if she ever got the opportunity to work with the Muppets. They are her heroes.

Krishna works closely with the non-profit organization, HEAL- Health and Education for ALL. This is a charity that provides healthcare, education, and support for impoverished children in India. If you are able to, check them out and support the great work they are doing.

Krishna is what you call a student for life, she loves learning! She is a student of yoga, meditation, improv, cooking, classical dances, fight combat, languages, hiking- really anything that strikes her fancy. Her most current venture is learning Hindi- Namaste!


Krishna's RESUME

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Krishna Smitha

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